Treats for Charity


About Founder

I am 17-year-old Racquelle Vellandi. I love animals, and I love to bake. This organization combines them both by allowing me to earn money to give to organizations that raise service animals for kids with special needs. 
Every Dog Treat I make—with fresh ingredients right out of the cupboard—helps me raise more money to benefit Canine Angels in its ongoing mission.


Treats for Charity

Treats for Charity is a non-profit organization that is entirely kid run.

We've been in operation for 6 years now, and we have given over $6,500 to Canine Angels, a nonprofit that raises service dogs for kids with special needs!

We're not done yet!

    Spring SALE On Now!!​​

    April 2019- Order your Spring treats! Festively wrapped and delivered in time to celebrate Easter with your favorite pooch!

    December 2018- Order your holiday treats! Menu in "Store." Festively wrapped and delivered in time to celebrate the holidays with your favorite pooch!

    October 20, 2018- Treats for Charity was at Canine Angels' annual fundraiser again, offering our Make-Your-Own dog treat activity.

    June 2018- Paws in the Park was a SUCCESS! Shared our story "Kids with Special Needs are KIDS First.". Made another donation to Canine Angels -- bringing my contribution to $6500.